Dr. Sydney Coleman Introduces Improvements to Fat Grafting

Sydney Coleman, a plastic surgeon in New York City, continues to improve fat grafting methods

Dr. Sydney Coleman is recognized as the world’s leading expert on fat grafting.  It has been through his perseverance and insight over the last 22 years that fat grafting is becoming an important part of medicine.  In the last four years, Dr. Coleman has improved dramatically the method he uses for fat grafting. The advanced methods he now uses for fat grafting not only increase the predictability of fat graft survival; but also, more importantly, the new techniques maximize the reparative effect of grafted fat on the tissue around which it is placed.  Using his newly developed method, fat grafted under sun damaged and aging skin repairs the overlying skin.  The eyelid of the patient below demonstrates the dramatic change that grafting fat in one procedure can have on overlying wrinkles.

Before (above) and two years after one procedure to lower eyelids in a 76 year old with no other treatment to her lower eyelids

Fat grafted under skin in the lower eyelid repairs the skin to a more radiant, youthful appearance

Probably through the same mechanism of repair, grafted fat has been shown to repair the tissue damage caused by radiation from cancer treatment.  Dr. Coleman has been actively participating in laboratory research at NYU Medical Center, which has enabled him to verify his new advances in grafting fat.  This new way of grafting fat increases the predictability of the volume of fat grafted, but more importantly, it maximizes the effect of grafted fat on the tissues around which it is placed.

Dr. Coleman has been speaking at meetings worldwide over the last few months to relate the advances that he has made in the last five years in fat grafting.  In June alone he has given lectures in Manchester, UK; Ghent, Belgium; Aachen, Germany; Iceland; and Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Earlier this year, he gave a series of lectures at a maxillofacial/craniofacial meeting in Baltimore, at the Egyptian Society of Plastic Surgery meeting outside of Cairo, at an international hand meeting in Paris, at a meeting in Los Cabos in Baja California, at a symposium of the Plastic Surgery Education Foundation meeting in Snowbird, Utah, at a breast meeting in Miami, at the American Alpine Workshop in Plastic Surgery meeting in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and at a Regenerative Surgery meeting in Rome.

And Dr. Coleman continues to travel to Pittsburg monthly to use fat grafting on soldiers with facial war injuries.  This is part of an Armed Forces project at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center supervised by the US Department of Defense.

Written by the office staff at TriBeCa Plastic Surgery

To read the Cosmetic Surgery Times article on the use of fat grafts with stem cells for rejuvenation, please click here.

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