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Category: Breast LipoStructure

BRAVA Breast Fat Graft Study OK by FDA

Posted June 27, 2013

For those who were concerned about the temporary injunction on the study involving Brava use in association with fat grafting there is good news.  The FDA has completed its review of the IDE application for the Brava Clinical Study: Breast Reconstruction and Augmentation with the Brave Enhanced Autologous Fat Micro Grafting as of May 3, […]

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BRAVA Breast Expansion Device Reclassified by FDA

Posted April 19, 2013

FDA asks for Investigational Device Exemption for BRAVA Studies The FDA, in a surprising move, has re-classified the BRAVA breast expansion device into a higher risk category for the ongoing BRAVA clinical trials.  We want to assure our patients (those who are currently using the device, have used it in the past, or who contemplate […]

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Breast Augmentation with BRAVA and Coleman Fat Grafting

Posted November 17, 2012

Patient Testifies how Coleman Fat Grafting Combined with BRAVA changed her life. This patient purchased a new bra recently, and found she was overfilling a D cup. Two years ago (before two sessions of Coleman fat grafting to her breasts) she was a small A cup. She scheduled an appointment to let us know how […]

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Lumpectomy Reconstruction with Coleman Fat Grafts

Posted October 20, 2012

Fat Transfer for a more normal breast after lumpectomy reconstruction After conservative breast therapy for cancer (lumpectomy followed by irradiation), a woman is left with a lumpectomy defect that is often difficult to reconstruct. The therapeutic irradiation is a critical component of breast cancer treatment to decrease the possibility of the cancer returning near the […]

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Remarkable Case of Tubular Breast Correction with Coleman Fat Grafting

Posted June 04, 2012

Tuberous Breasts Treated with Coleman Fat Grafting In past blogs we have discussed the nature of tuberous breasts and how they can be corrected using the Coleman fat grafting technique.  (see our recent blog, “Sydney Coleman Explains the Tuberous Breast Deformity” available on the blog archive on our website, We have shown before and […]

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Tuberous Breast Correction Using Coleman Fat Grafting

Posted June 01, 2012

How Can We Correct a Tuberous Breast? Correction of a tuberous breast is a difficult problem that can best be solved in a natural manner with Coleman fat grafting instead of silicone breast implants or more invasive surgery.  The transplanted fat is layered under the skin with an emphasis on placing a greater volume in […]

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Sydney Coleman Explains the Tuberous Breast Deformity

Posted May 24, 2012

What is a Tuberous Breast? Tuberous breasts are the result of a developmental deformity.  As the breasts are growing in adolescence, the lower half does not develop normally. A normal breast has a gentle downward sloping curve in the lower portion (see left above). The skin and underlying tissues of a tuberous breast (see above, […]

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Sydney Coleman Shows Longevity of Breast Fat Grafting

Posted May 22, 2012

Dr. Sydney Coleman Began Grafting Fat to the Breast 17 Years Ago & Demonstrates Long-Lasting Natural Results Dr. Sydney Coleman, known as the pioneer of fat grafting, has been placing autologous (one’s own) fat into the breasts since 1995 – much longer than any other practicing plastic surgeon. He had amazing success with using the […]

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LipoStructure Website Adds New Examples of Coleman Fat Grafting

Posted March 19, 2012

Improved Website Shows Many Indications for Coleman Fat Transfers The following applications of fat injections were not on the previous website and have just been added to (please click on the link to take you to the page in the website): >Nose enhancement or reconstruction >Arms, Forearms and Legs (including muscle tears, scarring […]

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Dr. Coleman of New York featured in an Article in The Times Magazine

Posted March 14, 2011

An excerpt of the article written by Hermione Hoby for the London Times Magazine follows: “The Surgeon Who Injects Women with Fat Well, they do ask him to… Just when we’ve got used to fillers for the face, along comes a remarkable body resculpting technique” “It is the last place in the world you’d expect […]

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Vogue Magazine Talks about Coleman Fat Grafting

Posted October 07, 2010

This is an excerpt from an article named “BLOW UP” in Vogue Magazine October 2010, about fat grafting for changing body contours featuring the developer of LipoStructure, Sydney Coleman, a New York City Plastic Surgeon. CREATING CURVES WITH FAT GRAFTING by Catherine Piercy “For bigger jobs, fat grafting by injection—reinjecting one’s own fat into areas […]

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Vogue Magazine Features Advances Made by Sydney Coleman

Posted September 16, 2010

This is the beginning of an article in Vogue Magazine October 2010, about innovations in aesthetic surgery featuring the developer of LipoStructure, Sydney Coleman, a New York City Plastic Surgeon. Blow Up by Catherine Piercy “If a definitive picture of twenty-first-century aesthetic medicine is beginning to emerge, its one in which the boundaries between science […]

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